Custom Bagels
15 South Olive St.
Media PA, 19063

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“These are not the best bagels in Media.  They are the best bagels I've had anywhere. The best bagels with great service. My family and I get toasted sesame bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.  They have great cookies and baked goods too and Boar's head meats for sandwiches, which are also very good.”


“Mostly outside of New York, if you want good bagels, you have to settle for some kind of bad bread-like thing that happens to be in a round shape. These bagels, on the other hand, are the real deal. Plus cheap.”


“Almost twenty years ago, the best bagel you could get in Media was a "restaurant style" Lender's bagel from the Market Cart. But gone is the Market Cart and gone is the need to find breakfast in a freezer case. Custom Bagels are simply the best bagels in Media. So to explain how really good they are...let's just say that a stale Custom Bagel is probably better than someone else's fresh bagel. They are kettle boiled, made fresh each day and offer seasonal flavors as well as the tried and true classics. Featuring Boar's Head meats and cheeses and an array of homemade sides, salads and more, the space is small and full. You can eat in (or outside in good weather) but most choose to take their goodies home. A favorite: Custom Bagel bagel dog. There is nothing like it. If you have been fooled into thinking that Auntie Anne's or Pretzel Boy's has a unique snack, a pretzel dog, you have had the dough pulled over your eyes. There is not much better than a bagel dog. As funny looking at it is, once you sink your teeth into it, you can't help but eat the entire thing... I recommend the spicy mustard. I have had requests to bring them as far as Boston to friends who, having only visited once or twice, can't forget about their bagel dog experience in Media. Beware, they are closed on Sunday. Get your weekend bagels by Saturday morning!”


“These are by far the best bagels in Southern Delaware County -- an area dominated by chain bagel stores that are really sandwich joints masquerading as authentic bagel stores. There is limited seating, including some modest yet functional chairs and tables along the store front under the awning. Aside from their baked goods, they also have a really nice selection of entrees, including pasta, egg and tuna salads. Their fruit salad is very nice too -- comprised of a nice mixture of ripe, seasonal berries and melons.”


“Outside of NY, best bagel in the area. These bagels are really something special. Sometimes the honey and I are deadlocked on dinner and he will say to me "if I could get you anything for dinner what would it be." On more than 1 occasion I have answered Custom Bagels. I can only hope one day they open up a CB in Center City, perhaps where Brugers currently resides. Hey I can dream can't I! They make a delish bagel sandwich (BLT on toasted sesame is my fav) and I wish my homemade corn chowdah tasted like theirs.”


“Bagels here are outstanding, just as good as in the big city.  Great variety.  You can get it with egg, cheese, bacon/sausage/porkroll and they make the egg fresh in the back, not that freezer drawer stuff . Highly recommend this place for breakfast or taking home a few dozen.  The best flavors sell out fast so get there early.”